Step 1: Print and Complete the Following Documents… 

Please Note: if you do not have access to a printer, a packet can be picked-up at the Aura School Main Office.

Please call before coming to pick-up.


  • Click Here for Student Registration General Info Form (required)

  • Click Here for Emergency Contact Form (required)

  • Click Here for Student Residency Questionnaire (required)

  • Click Here for Home Language Survey Form (required)

  • Click Here for Student Health History (required)

  • Click Here for Records Request Form (if applicable)


Step 2: Gather Required Personal Documents… 

Please Note: if needed, copies of personal documents can be made during your registration appointment  

  • Birth Certificate – with raised seal

  • Physical Exam – signed by your student’s health care provider

Click here for copy of blank Physical Exam Form


If applicable, please have your student’s health care provider complete any additional health documents that pertain to your student’s health listed below…

Click here for Asthma Treatment Plan Form

Click here for Allergy Emergency Care Form 

Click Here for Diabetic Management Form 

Click here for Medication Consent Form 

Click here for Seizure Parent Questionnaire / Seizure Action Plan Form 


  • Immunization Records 

Click here for PreK required immunizations 

Click here for Kindergarten – 6th Grade required immunization


  • Proof of having Dental Exam – this is for PREK STUDENTS ONLY

  • Two Proofs of Residency – in Parent(s) / Guardian(s) Name

Please note: if you reside with a friend or family member, please contact the schools main office for additional information


Primary Proof (1) – Lease Agreement OR Mortgage // Deed // Settlement Paperwork OR most recent Property Tax Statement

Secondary Proof (2) – Utility Bill issued within the last 30 days 

  • Paperwork pertaining to custody (if applicable)


Step 3: If applicable, please request the following documents from your student’s previous school… 


  • Transfer Card

  • Medical Records // Shot Records (A-45 Form)

  • Last Report Card // Test Scores 

  • Copy of any support services your student receives (504 // IEP // ect.)


Step 4: Drop-off all registration paperwork at your scheduled registration appointment time. To schedule an appointment please call Mrs. Scheeper at (856) 881-4551 Ext. 533

Note to Parents – Regarding Preschool & Kindergarten:

The Elk Township School District has a full-day Kindergarten program and a half-day Preschool program for all residents for the 2023-2024 school year. Enrollment in AM vs PM classes will be based on the location of your residence and will be determined mid-summer. Due to increased enrollment and limited resources, our Preschool program may implement a process for entry into the program. Residents of Elk Township who have children that are 3 or 4 years of age and have a suspected disability in the areas of emotional, sensory, communication, learning, physical, and/or social skills may be eligible for special education and related services. Please contact our Child Study Team for more information at (856) 881-4551 Ext. 530